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John Borys

www.johnborys.com | info@johnborys.com | Austin, Texas

I received my Bachelor's of Arts in fine art and commercial art from North Texas State University, and have been a commercial artist and creative director in the advertising industry for over 30 years. My paintings are in private collections throughout the United States, Scotland, Singapore, and elsewhere abroad.

Artistic sensibility is intuitive, learned, and connected to something bigger than one's self. Art is not created just to satisfy the artist. I create so that others might see and experience something that they (had I not created it) would not have seen or felt. It is a gift to share that is greater than myself.

A painting may start out with a well planned idea, or no real clear direction at all. In either case, during the "process" of creation, a concept becomes visual and tangible. Like it or not, the artist's understanding of art history and the artist's awareness of the current avant-garde are also factors. And finally, there is the painting itself. I am interested in the visual dialogue between all of these. In the end, artistic judgment and the ability to listen with your eyes to what the painting is saying, trusting the painting, following its rhythm and working in tandem with it—all these help the artist and art become one.