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Bud Clayton

APT Associate Artist Member

www.budclayton.com | info@budclayton.com | 325.660.7798

Bud Clayton was born in Abilene, Texas in 1984. He was raised in a rural area in West Texas where the lack of artificial light revealed vibrant night skies. This atmosphere lead to his early exploration of aesthetics and beauty. After studying Fine Art and Music at Hardin-Simmons University, Clayton remained focused on a career in Fine Art. Clayton is a full-time artist and has exhibited his lively, large abstract paintings in various venues and galleries throughout Texas and the U.S. The Bud Clayton Studio is now located in the heart of the Big Country where the West Texas scenery continues to inspire his work. Clayton's work concerns itself with textures found in every day life such as the physical distress on surrounding concrete, fences, rusted metal and deteriorating painted surfaces. Often working with over-sized and shaped canvases, commanding in size and presence, Clayton's paintings have garnered a regional collector base.