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Hilal Nadi Hibri

210.744.1408 | Hibri Glass Studios | 12539 Elm County Lane San Antonio, TX 78230
www.hibriglass.com | Hilal@HibriGlass.com

Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of my dad scoring and breaking glass sheets into hundreds of tiny pieces that he would later assemble and fuse. Over the years I have been lucky to be exposed to the wide range of glass techniques that he utilized. I did not open myself up to creating art until the extra scientific research I had been doing during the summers at Wake Forest University allowed me an opportunity to take strictly studio art classes throughout my fourth year. After graduation, I spent six weeks assisting Portland based glass artist Linda Ethier.

In the summer of 2002 my father began to focus on one-part open-face pate de verre vases. The technical challenge drew me in, and countless hours of intense brainstorming and experimenting followed. My creative wanderlust led me from pate de verre vases to cast crystal jewelry, from negative relief wall pieces to large abstract sculpture. Throughout my journey, problem solving and experimentation have been crucial – learning as much from disasters and accidental victories as from successful execution.

At my core, I am driven to convey the underlying forces that organize the otherwise chaotic universe into pattern and life. I believe that the unique luminosity and limitless versatility of the glass medium make it ideally suited to communicate the progressive issues of our time.

Technically, I strive for elegance, constantly refining my process to identify and capitalize on tasteful efficiencies in the design process. In 2007 I met my best friend and wife, Kati, and started collaborating instantly. We started selling work in 2008 and I finally quit my day job in 2009. Our work is increasingly multi-part, multi-media and modular. Currently, we have been exploring the advantages of applying fundamental geometric principles to the creation of multi-part kiln-formed glass sculptures.