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Kati McAllister Hibri

210.744.1408 | Hibri Glass Studios | 12539 Elm County Lane San Antonio, TX 78230
www.hibriglass.com | Kati@HibriGlass.com

Kati McAllister Hibri is the sixth generation of her family to live in San Antonio, Texas. She grew up in a very creative household, and her first love, as far as art forms are concerned, was dance. A background of ballet, Flamenco, South Indian temple dance, and Ghanaian dance provided her the inspiration of movement still visible in her works of art.

Kati graduated from Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, with a double major in Earth & Environmental Science and Religion. She has studied and traveled in many countries, including a 75 - day backpacking trip in Patagonia. She has worked as a performance artist and entertainer for the "Art, Ambiance, and Antics" crew on The String Cheese Incident's Big Summer Classic Tour, and is a regular participant at the annual Burning Man art event at the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

After graduation in 2006, Kati moved back to San Antonio. On 7-7-07, Kati and Hilal met and sparks struck, creatively and otherwise. Within months they had started their glass jewelry line, and were later married. They now operate Hibri Glass out of San Antonio, creating not just jewelry, but sculpture and 3D wall pieces as well.

In addition to glass as a medium, the two started working with castable stone, enamel and acrylic using many of the same techniques used in their glass casting. For these items and other glass collaborations, the two devised a new collaborative pseudonym: Kato&Lali (a modification of “Kati” and “Lalo,” Hilal’s nickname). Each unique piece of art produced has been hand-crafted from start to finish and is evidence of their love.