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Jason LaJudice

cell 817.721.4188  |  studio 817.563.9325
LaJudice@sbcglobal.net  |  Jlajudice@gmail.com

My sculpture reflects an intense relationship between me and the material I am working with. This relationship is based on my reactions and responses to that material. I choose to transform and energize each piece through cutting, welding, forming and cutting again. There are no templates to follow, no design specifications, or boundaries to stay within. Everything is free-flowing, unique and bold. Welding, brazing and mechanical fastening are some of the processes I use in fabrication. The final work's surface finish is somewhere between the vast extremes of rough, ground, jagged edges, and highly polished mirrored finishes—often several extremes are reflected within the individual piece. I am 100% invested both personally and professionally in all aspects of my work.