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Rene Lowery

Soleil Ironworks
PO Box 11700  |  Preston Rd, Suite 180  |  Dallas Texas 75230 | rldesigns2@gmail.com

I have always been attracted to art and design in some capacity. About thirteen years ago, I was presented with the opportunity to turn my love and appreciation of art into being an artist. Metal is one of the most forgiving mediums because it can be morphed into whatever you can dream of; whether it's cut, heated, bent, welded, or painted, the artist makes the imagination come to life. I can no longer see myself doing anything but turning metal into art pieces that are functional, appealing, and often interactive. Be it a light fixture, desk, headboard, birdbath, or bell, integrating artistic design and function is what I enjoy doing the most. And I now have the opportunity to teach others the Creative Art Center in Dallas, in beginning to advanced welding.