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David Marsee

Wood Sculptor | 972.788.0078 | Addison, Texas

www.mpiarch.com | dmarsee@mpiarch.com

The works represented here are narrative wood sculptures. Each piece is expressive of a stage of life or life experience. I often use metaphor in representing subjects, because it allows for multiple interpretations. My hope is that the viewer can discern the meaning that I ascribe to the piece, but can also find other meanings that relate to his or her own life. I prefer to use wood because the history of the living tree is expressed through the pattern of the wood grain, giving each sculpture a texture that is unpredictable and distinct. I enjoy juxtapositions of geometric shapes against organic forms, wood against paint, and wood against steel.

Thus, each piece begins as a memory of a personal experience. I attempt to give that experience a narrative form. The form takes on its own life during the carving process, as relationships develop between materials and sculptural elements, and again in the mind of the viewer.