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Roberta Masciarelli

Dallas, TX | robbie@robbiemas.com | www.robbiemas.com

Roberta Masciarelli was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has been a professional graphic designer/visual artist for over 25 years. Her art has been exhibited in Dallas and New York, and internationally, she has exhibited in collective shows in England, Holland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain,Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand and Bosnia. She has a bachelor's degree in Architecture from Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Her early career started in Sao Paulo, where she worked for many advertising agencies and book publishers, in addition to various free lance projects. After relocating to Dallas in 1999, she continued her design career, working assignments in North Texas, doing graphic and web design for several companies. Roberta provides design consultation services to firms in the DFW metroplex in addition to painting and pursuing digital art. Her paintings are abstract vibrational patterns - where she expresses the feeling and energy behind the subject that she is depicting. Roberta's mixed media works reveal a dynamic balance between two major aspects of the artist's aesthetic core. On canvas, spirited play is expressed in pure flat and solid colors which are embraced by rhythmic lyrical lines, revealing an optimism about life and the world in which we reside.

“I discovered my true passion in my paintings - passion which I searched for throughout my life. I paint almost every day, usually on 3 projects at the same time: one in my mind, another in execution and the third one in the final stages. My art is about spaces that I sense, I tell stories about what is relevant to my soul. There are many layers of understanding. I invite the viewer to interpret based on their sentiments."