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Lottie Minick

Dallas, Texas | www.lottiekateminick.com | lottie@minickassociates.com

After years of dabbling in art shows and other small venues, the State Fair of Texas asked if I’d like to display several of my sculptures around the park during their 2006 Fair. I was thrilled, honored and delighted again when they asked me to come back in 2007. The next year I approached them about curating a show at the Fair with Texas artists. Their response? “Go for it.”

East Dallas is the Taos of art in Texas. I called many artists/friends and they responded with enthusiasm submitting beautiful sculptures in many mediums. The Friends of Lottie Sculpture Garden continues, is a great success and truly gave me the jump start to take my art seriously. Metal, glass and mosaics are my mediums of choice. I love the artists’ community and their unfailing generosity and support.