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Steve Prachyl

214.732.3206 | Dallas, Texas | www.steveprachyl.com | steveprachyl@sbcglobal.net

I grind metal. To be more exact, I carefully grind metal.

The obsessive nature of my art lives loudest in the millions of lines I carve into a sheet of metal. I enjoy the sensation of becoming awestruck at just how three dimensional metal can be when I step back and observe from various angles and positions the effects generated by the refracted light. Tripping out a bit at the thought, I realize how much I enjoy optical art.

Most often my imagery is inspired by the fleeting glimpse or a complete visualization of what I’d like to see which leads me to the creation of the artwork in real time, with real materials and real processes. Often the art work results from a series of experiments; repetitive testing to achieve the illusive imagery initially present in my mind's eye.

My intent with the art, is that the viewer, while concentrating on the curve, line, textures and transitions, should get a chance to drift off into hypnotic thought, perhaps into a trance-like state. Or at the very least achieve a sense of euphoria. Ah, a sense of euphoria. I like that…