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Pascale Mançon Pryor

Les Jardins de Pascale  |  Oak Cliff, TX 75224  |  469.544.1712
pascalemancon@yahoo.com  |  www.lesjardinsdepascale.com

Pascale Mançon Pryor was born in Argenteuil, France, and grew up in Coulommiers and Paris. In 1979, at 19, she came to America, and then moved to Dallas in the mid-80's. She began creating her three dimensional works first in ceramics, then branched out into metal, which she has worked in for over a decade now. Pascale loves the strength and endurance of metal, and the ability to do large scale work in this medium. She strives to find a timeless, simple beauty and a natural rhythm in organic shapes in each medium she works in—for both garden and the home. Pascale's recent sculpture, part of the Henderson Art Project, is located at the southeast corner of Belmont and Bennett in Dallas, TX. Her other works can be viewed at her online gallery. Pascale Pryor resides and creates her work in Oak Cliff, Texas.