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Morton Rachofsky

Dallas, Texas  |  214.352.8200  |  3sistersgallery@gmail.com

Aside from holding several U.S. patents as an inventor, and being a real estate entrepreneur with a Wharton MBA, Rachofsky has spent many decades as a well known sculptor. He studied with Octavio Medelin, James Surles, and was an admirer of the Spanish sculptor Miguel Berrocal. Rachofsky regularly invites his viewers to personally interact, to assemble and reassemble the integral pieces that define his stainless steel or wood sculptures. In 1986, Rachofsky invented a 25-hour clock, inspired by studies of isolated humans, whose sleep/wake cycles fell into a 25 hour rhythm. Rachofsky appeared on Bill Cosby’s show, “You Bet Your Life” to explain the concept and his inventions made news in The New York Times, People, and Business Week Magazine. His large scale sculptures may be viewed in downtown Dallas, at the Belo Mansion and at the Madi Museum. He was also the founding President of the Texas Sculpture Association in 1983 and served on the board through 2008.