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Sharon O'Callaghan Shero

214.324.2750 | Dallas, Texas | sharon@sharonocallaghanshero.com | www.sharonocallaghan.com

With the acquisition of a really nice camera, I found my muse. Although photography has always been an essential part of my creative design business, I have since become devoted to artistic photography, exploring its intersection and interpretation with other creative media and methods. Eleven years ago I launched my fine art studio. Narratives have always been my compass whenever I create a portfolio. Although I begin with a “germ” of a concept, I do not storybook my work, and am often a little startled when I finish a series, not predicting nor suspecting that it would evolve as it did. Most recently I have plunged into photomontage, working with my own images. Not satisfied with flat surfaces and conventional framing, I have been exploring different mountings, metal leafing, paints, wax, ephemera, and as of late, fringe! Regardless of the path, photography will always serve as the anchor in my work, even if it devolves to a miniature or is mutilated beyond recognition. I am a graduate from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Architecture, and hold a minor in Psychology from the University of Illinois. Today I live in Dallas, Texas, with my partner, fellow photographer and husband, Bob Quaglia.