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    apt (apt) adjective
  1. suited to its purpose; appropriate; fitting: an apt remark
  2. tending or inclined; likely: apt to rain
  3. quick to learn or understand: an apt student
  4. ready; prepared

Featured Artist

Featured Artist, Steve Prachyl

Our featured artist is Steve Prachyl.
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ART PROFESSIONALS OF TEXAS is a non-profit organization founded in Dallas, Texas in 2011 and was publicly launched in February, 2012. APT’s objective is to secure regional exhibition opportunities for our artist members which directly elevate both our regional and national presence. Our board of directors, comprised of art professionals, is dedicated to promoting a unified and sophisticated identity for the Texas art market. To further this goal, our jury selects experienced, business-oriented art professionals within our membership programs.

Texas has some of the fastest growing art markets in the country including Houston and Dallas. Due to its rapid growth, the Dallas arts district is now the largest in the nation. In light of an over-saturated art market in our direct art communities in Texas, APT’s mission is to empower our artists/members to effectively interact within this market and overcome this obstacle by collaborating with more experienced artists and art leaders from around the globe. APT plans to effectively direct business-oriented art enthusiasts towards accomplishing our goals and fostering a relationship with the buying public. Art Professionals of Texas is dedicated to assisting our artist/members with evolving their careers toward successful and collected futures.